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Trams in Prague

Sometimes a travel delay can be a blessing in disguise. For me, stranded in Prague for an extra week because of Iceland's volcano, this meant extra time to spend filming trams. In this video you will find: T3 R.PLF, a low floor conversion of the T3 R; standard T3 R.PV; 14T, a Porsche designed tram; T3 RP; T6 A5; KT8 D5.RN2P, this is another low floor conversion; T3 training tram; an original T1 from the museum; and finally the best find of all, the new 15T undergoing street trials. The Skoda 15T ForCity tram looks good, sounds very quiet expecially compared to the whining of the 14T, much wider and seems a lot longer, this is going to be an excellent new addition. Pretty sure this covers most of the trams currently working on Prague's streets.

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