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Luftwaffe museum (HD)

The Luftwaffe (Luftwaffenmuseum) museum is an exciting place to go for anyone who truly loves aircraft and its history. The Germans did so much to advance aviation technology that really needs acknowledgement. When first walking into the museum area near the Gatow airport, the flightline must be passed and there is an impressive set of airplanes mostly cold war and later jet fighters. You can really get up close to these aircraft. In the tower buildings there are a number of displays and models of aircraft, models of balloons, uniforms, flight bunkers, medals, engines, propaganda posters, wind tunnels, ATC equipment. These displays cover the pre-WWI, WWI, postwar, and cold war periods. Upstairs there is also a display relating to the Berlin airlift. Hangar 3 is the part most people look forward to seeing, which is noted by the big Luftwaffenmuseum side on the outside of the hangar. There are anti-aircraft guns, planes, and engines. I was most looking forward to seeing was ME 163 comet and the BF 109. The ME 109 is of course famous as the first rocket powered fighter, and the small size and rounded shape make it distint. The paint scheme on the BF 109 was very surprising, as it has the light blue colour on the bottom and the brown camouflage on the top. There is a silver bi-wing plane in the hangar and I have no idea what it is, and a plane recovered from the water but not restored, if anyone can identify these planes please post it. Hangar 7 was closed while we were there ...

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