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Duel truck: 1:32 scale

Update pic': now with round headlights: Never expected this video to get over 10000 views! Thanks! This is my attempt at recreating this truck in 1:32 scale. All i had to work with were photos of the surviving truck. I managed to find 1 side view that let me "guesstimate" the dimensions of the trailer. It's not 100% accurate. The obvious reason being there is no 1:32 scale model of a 59' or 60' Pete'. So a New Ray Pete' 379 with a Pneumatic Tank trailer was the starting point (it's not the one you see in my Convoy New Mexico video). The mods i made to the truck were removing the mud guard and a smokestack, making the remaining stack a straight one, and adding a rail bumper (made out of HO scale train rail). The tank trailer is made out of balsa wood and posterboard. The only parts of the other trailer i used on it were the tandems, dollies, and kingpin (plus a ladder from a New Ray grain trailer). The domes are made from the plastic ends of M2K firecrackers (those large ones) . I made the trailer decals on my computer, including the license plates which are the actual ones on the surviving truck (speaking of it. I hope it went to a good home at that auction). For the paint i started with a red oxide primer base coat, then sprayed it lightly with camouflage brown. The chrome and wheels got a dose of black, gray, and brown acrylic paint (the fenders got some streaks of pink for the bondo also ;) ). I then dusted the model with a mixture of real dirt and ...



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