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Apollo 16 - Nothing so hidden... (1972) HD

Credit: NASA/JSC Launch date: April 16,1972 Astronauts: John W. Young, Thomas K. Mattingly, and Charles M. Duke, Jr. Shows the landing and the three lunar traverses in the highland region of the Moon, near the crater Descartes. Includes an astronaut's eye view from the Rover; the lunar Grand Prix; the discovery of the house-sized rock; lunar lift-off; and the EVA 173000 miles above the Earth. Microphones and cameras in Mission Control record the emergency problem solving during the prelanding crisis, and the reactions of scientists on Earth as the astronauts explore the Moon. AWARDS: Golden Eagle, Council on International Nontheatrical Events (CINE), 1972 - Special Prize, 20th International Exhibition of Specialized Cinematography, Rome, Italy, 1973 - Special Prize, Technical Film '72 Festival, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1972 'Diploma of Excellence, Salons, Internationaux de I'Aeronautique et de I'Espace, Paris, France, 1972 HQ-222 — JSC-580 — (1972) — 28 Minutes

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