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rear brake drums

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2012-12-08 21:15:07

the second most challenging piece of work done on the car was the removal of the rear brake drums.

(the hardest was the removal of the drive flange on the rear of the gearbox; more about that later)

finally after several weeks of trying all the clever fixes that i could ( heat, pressure, regular universal pullers) i found an antique puller on ebay which had the right pitch circle for the praga. i think it came from a wartburg or similar.

i made special stepped nuts and bored out the holes in the puller to accommodate the larger diameter ; this allowed me to get much more thread in contact for the pulling operation.

after the many weeks of fighting with the drums now the puller was fitted in place and tensioned up. one sharp hit on the puller main centre stud and the drum popped of the halfshaft like it had never been stuck there for many years!

the second one was just as easy and now i could finally take the rear axle to pieces and see what was what!