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2012-12-16 11:24:49

Just recently joined the forum and have posted a couple of items. I would like to get in touch with other Praga owners and perhaps someone can help me getting information within CZ? Hope someone is actually out there?

2013-10-04 15:36:43

alfafan: hi, welcome. If I can help you bring some Praga information, ask me, I will try.

Btw. how continue your Praga Alfa restoration?

Greetings from Prague, CZ


2013-10-06 11:32:22

udm: hello pavel,

here in germany it is very hard to get any information from your country about the praga cars.

i did not realise that it would be such a lonely task; i had visions of finding many contacts and information from other enthusiasts restoring pragas. i soon found out that was not to be.

after a long time i did get a lot of information from a very helpful lady at the museum.

what i am still trying to find out is the correct oil pressure for the series 15 alfa engine and anyone that has a contact to get some alfa film clips that i found on internet in your country but get no answers when i try to buy them.

my restoration started in 2009. i removed everything from the car and started at the beginning with a bare chassis frame.

now four years later the body is finished, the interior is re trimmed and the chassis is complete except for the engine.

i have done 99.5 % of the work myself.

i am now waiting for the engine parts to come from machining in england then i can build the engine, fit it and then the bodywork.

very good to hear from you best wishes

2013-10-06 17:23:52

alfafan: hello Steve, I tried to search some Praga Alfa manuals for you on the net, but found only that one which you already uploaded here. Even in printed form I did not found on classifieds pages and auctions. This will be a very rare material as same as these cars. As you wrote, the best source should be museums.

There is one short article I found now that in Zbuzany (Prague) there is thirs biggest museum of Praga vehicles.

You may upload some photos of restoration to your vehicle profile I will like to look at that.

Wish you good luck to finish the restoration and anjoy the driving then

Muzeum znaÄŤky Praga ve Zbuzanech  |  More info